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Hi Scott,

I have a subform which I am trying to format, inasmuch as a particular field on the subform.

The field is "LEVEL", and it can come in many varieties for the data - "A", "B", and so on.

I tried this on the Event Load:

Private Sub Form_Load()

   If Me.LEVEL = "A" Then
       Me.LEVEL.BackColor = vbRed
       Me.LEVEL.ForeColor = vbWhite
   ElseIf Me.LEVEL = "B" Then
       Me.LEVEL.BackColor = vbYellow
       Me.LEVEL.ForeColor = vbBlack
       Me.LEVEL.BackColor = vbWhite
       Me.LEVEL.ForeColor = vbBlack
   End If

End Sub

However, every entry turns out with a red background and white forecolor!   Can you help with where I am going wrong?   Am I putting the code in the wrong place, for example?

thanks in anticipation

You have to understand how a continuous form works. In Design mode, all you see is a single set of controls, correct? Well that's the key to understanding this. All you have is a single set of controls that display multiple times. So when you apply formatting to a control, you are applying it to all instances of that control.

Bottom line is formatting single records in a continuous form just doesn't work. You can use the On Current event to format the current record, but it will still format everything.

If you need a visual to highlight certain values, use a report in Report View with Conditional formatting.

Hope this helps,
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