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QUESTION: hi, I am trying to add multiple hyperlinks to an access database. the database currently holds 442 records of which each need their own hyperlink off each individual page. i have tried every website for help but I cant seem to figure it out. I need to know asap as I have over 400 google map links to add to the database.
many thanks

ANSWER: Hi Megan,

Open the table in design view.
Add a field.
Select "Hyperlink" for Data Type.
Save the table.
Close the table in Datasheet view.
Enter website addresses in the new hyperlink field.
You will see the values automatically turn blue indicating linked data.

If you need to make change to the links, just right click on them and select Edit, and make changes.

I hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello again, thankyou for the information this has worked but the hyperlink off record one is showing on every record which is what I don't want. I wanted different ones for each record, how could I do this?
many thanks

Open the table in Datasheet view.
You will see the new field for the hyperlink. They should have been blank initially.
If you have anything, you will need to delete them. I guess you have the same website address listed in every row. You will need to delete all of those.
In order to delete those open the table in design view, select the hyperlink field and hit delete.

Now, you can add the field again with data type "Hyperlink". Don't enter anything else in the design view. Close the table and open it in worksheet view and start entering the website addresses one by one.

I hope this helps.

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