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I have a split access DB and on the front end I have a navigation form that has a few tabs - 1 tab opens a tabbed subform (based on a select query) holding various types of information about current clients of our service.  I have created another tab in the navigation form where I want to be able to access the same type of information about non-current clients.  I thought if I duplicated the tabbed subform - renamed it and created a new query that selects only exited clients and attach it to my new tab this would be an easy way of achieving this but what is happening is if I change the query on the duplicated tabbed subform (non-current clients) it changes the query on the current clients and visa versa.  If I change one it automatically changes the other.  It also seems to be causing the app to crash.  I am a very random user of access and not sure what I am doing wrong - not sure if you can get a clear picture of what I am trying to explain so happy to provide more info if need be.

I have not used Navigation forms. So I'm not sure if that is affecting this. I've done pretty much the same thing, copy a subform, rename it, then change the Recordsource and its worked for me.

Double check the Source of the subform control, make sure its the right form. If you can't get it, then open a blank form, copy all the controls from the original subform and select the correct query as the Recordsource.

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