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Good Afternoon,

Is there a way for Access 2003 to email our purchasing department when an inventory item reaches, or fall below a reorder point?

Thank you,

Stuart P

Hi Stuart,

Sorry for getting back late. Well, it can be done and this is how usually it is done:

1. Create a table (tblMinInvLvl) with minimum inventory levels for the items. Fields: Item, MinInvLvl, OrderQty

2. Create query by joining your tables (item table, vendor information table) to this new table. Make sure that you extract at least these fields: item, OrderQty, vendor email address.

3. Now using Windows task scheduler, open the database every hour.

4. On the OnOpen event of your Main Menu form (I am assuming that you have a form what opens automatically whan you open the database), run a set of VBA code to:

Run the new query. Use DoCmd.RunQuery method.
Prepare and send an email for each of the vendors. Follow the example at:

I hope this helps.

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