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What is your hourly fee?  Can you give me an estimate on this particular problem?  Can you do this via remote access?  And once it is corrected can I copy the entire application to a CD or DVD with the corrections  or can you generate a new install CD or DVD or store on my harddrive so I can re-install it if I have to?

My original question - I have an MS Access Order Entry app which was written in 2006  running under MS Access 2002 on an XP Pro system.  I moved my whole system from XP on one PC to another PC running Windows 7.  The Access app now has a problem. When I go to open a document or print from the app I get the message "INVALID CONNECTION STRING IN PASS-THROUGH QUERY". I don't know Access from a programming standpoint. Do I need to upgrade my MS ACCESS to either the 2010 or 2013 version to correct this problem?  Or is a programming mod to the application needed? All other functions in the app work with no problem.

Your response - I have a solution for you, however this is not a question that I can quickly answer in a short response here. It would be quicker to just let me show you how to do it Or do it for you while you watch. If you send me your Access file, I can write the code, explain how it works As I work on your file, and send it
back. I charge an hourly fee however to do this.Let me know how you would like to proceed.


Did I actually answer your question? That doesn't sound like me and I checked back to the beginning of the year and don't see any questions from you.

From what you are saying this app was designed to be used with SQL Server. It may have been using SQL Server Express as the data store.

To help you, I would need to see the line of code that triggers the message. When you get that error, is there a choice to Debug? If so, use it and copy and paste the whole code snippet indicating which line is highlighted.

While I do this type of work (and yes I can do it remotely) I will give it a shot to fix the problem through the site. If we can't then we can discuss fee based help.

Hope this helps,
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