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Using MS Access/Manipulation of a part no. in access query



I have created a field within a query to manipulate a part no. by removing the last two letters:

PN WO Size: Left([PMPartNo],Len([PMPartNo])-2).

The bit I can't do is to say if the Part No has an "R" in it remove 3 digits not 2.
Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the question.

What you will need include is an IIF and Instr to achieve this.  IIF is like saying if it is this, do this, if not do that.  

Where as Instr - checks to see if some text occurs in a string and gives it a number for where it occurs, if the text does not occur that number is zero.

For your example it would look like this:

PN WO Size:IIf(InStr([PMPartNo],"R")=0,Left([PMPartNo],Len([PMPartNo])-2),Left([PMPartNo],Len([PMPartNo])-3))

Hope this is of some help.

If you would like to know more about IIF

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