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Using MS Access/Pivot type editable form/query in Access


Hi Scott,

I have to make a form looking like Pivot form (see below) where users would need to enter data (numbers). Thus, the form should be editable and numbers are to be stored somewhere in a table for reporting.

Here is how the form should look like:
User Name ...
Department ...
Service Center...
Year ...
         January        February     ...   December
         Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4  Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 ...  Wk1 Wk2...
Direct   Type1       5       1    3   9   1   2        ...
Service  Type2   1   7   3   3    5   7   8   1        ...
        Type3   2   5   5        2   1   6   5        ...
Indirect Type4   1   1   3   6    9       2          
Service  Type5   1          3    5       5   4        ...
        Type6   2       3   8          3        ...

I have created tables tblYear (for Months and Weeks - column data); tblService (with Service Category and Type - row data); tblUser (user data - Name, Department, Service Center and Year)

How can I implement it? Thank you in advance.

You can't do this with a bound form. You would have to use an unbound form and you would have to write code to control the I/O between the form and the table.

My suggestion is to train your users properly to use Subforms to enter the data in bound forms, then use Crosstab queries to display the data.  

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