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Hi Scott

I am back again seeking more assistance from the Access guru.

What I want to do in my database is to manage multiple telephone numbers for individuals. I have one individual for example for whom I have no less than five contact phone numbers; home, work (direct line), work (switchboard), mobile (personal), mobile (work).

I think I would be better off having a separate table for phone numbers and linking that table to the person. It would no doubt be a one to many relationship.

My tables would, I think, be:

Tbl Clients
ClientID      (Auto number)   Primary key
FirstName      (Text)
LastName      (Text)

Tbl PhoneNumbers
PhoneNumberID          (Auto number)   Primary key
ClientID      (Number)   Foreign key
PhoneDescription   Text
PhoneNumber      Text

I am not quite sure how I should go about it though. I thought, perhaps, that you could give me some guidance.

Many thanks Scott for all your assistance and advice in the past.



You are almost there. The only thing I would do is not use a text field for Phone Description. I would use a lookup table with an Autonumber PK and then use the PhoneDescriptionID as your foreign key.

I would have a subform for the Phone #s table and enter the data that way.  

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