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Using MS Access/Calculate PERCENTILE across many fields


I've been searching many percentile threads and don't see any discussions about multiple columns (all instructions are in regards to row totals. My data looks like this:

PRODUCT   11/1/2015     11/2/2015     11/3/2015
XXX          10          8          20
YYY          1200          0          1400
ZZZ          50          1900          500

What I need is 99% percentile by product My data is 120 columns.
I can do this easily in Excel like =PERCENTILE.INC(N2:EC2,0.99)

Can you help me to replicate in Access?

This is not good design which is probably the source of your problem. Access is not a spreadsheet and shouldn't be treated like one. Relational database tables should be tall and thin, not wide. Your table should look like this:

DailyTotalID (Primary Key Autonumber)
ProductID (Foreign Key)

Data in a record should be defined by values not by field names.

Once you have your data in the proper format, you can then use Office Automation to pass the values to the Excel function to return the Percentile. This site has an example:

Searching on Access Percentile function returned other examples as well.  

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