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Using MS Access/Login Password Prompt at First Sign-in


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Thank you so much for your assistance.  I am having trouble writing code to allow my new users, where upon first-time sign-in, they are prompted to change their password.  I have currently a combo box login where I set a generic password and, upon the user sign-in, they change the PW.  If the user forgets the PW, I can assign them a new generic and then they are again permitted to change the PW.  I have gone away from the combo box in favor of an advance security login, that uses user-level security, but that login does not use a combo box and so I don't know where to go.  The login allows 4 different forms to be opened base on security level.  By the way, a case-sensitive PW would be great, but not critical in my work environment.

Please see my blog on Login Security with VBA. It include that functionality. I use a Boolean Reset field in my user's table that forces the user to change their password.

I don't use ULS. Instead I test the Access level for the user to determine what forms they can or can't open. I also setup some forms specific to the Access level by hiding or disabling certain controls.  

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