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I have a Form the data source is from three diffenent tables Demand, Orders, Actions which displays the status of each demand if purchase order is placed and its current status.

One Demand having one or many orders:

DemandNo    OrderNo   Amount   Supplier   LastAction
001         001        100      abc       order placed
002         002        100      abc       waiting for shipment
002         003        100      abc       shipment received
003         004        100      abc       passed for payment

you can see above there is total 3 demands and 4 orders.

When I count the total demands ( =count [DemandNo] ) it shows the total as 4 but I want to remove the duplicate value and count the actual demand numbers enabling me to show how many demands received between specified period.

Your help would be highly apprecaited.


Hi Sher,

I am trying a different way to answer questions, via video, thanks for bearing with me.

You can view my response to your question about unique values here:

If you prefer text, I am currently having it transcribed, but it will not be available for 24 hours.  Just let me know as a follow up question if you wish to receive it as text.


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