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Using MS Access/How can I restrict MS Access application to be run for a limited time?


Hi there!

I need VB code that restrict the MS Access application / program to be run for a limited time or limited to a specific date.
Because I deliver this application to my client as a demo and I do not want him to run the application more than the number or date set for running.

I will be very grateful and thankful to you.

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I disagree with that method. I've never liked timed demos. First they are too easy to get around. Second, I often download something then get distracted and by the time I get back to it, the demo is close to expiration.

What I prefer to do is limit the number of records that can be added to the main table (or tables). So I use the Before Insert event of the form :

If Dcount("*","tablename") > = x Then
    MsgBox "This demo is limited to x records. If you want to continue to test delete some existing records.")
End If

Where x would be the number of record you think allows for reasonable testing.

You distribute the app as an accde so the user can't change that number since its hard coded.  

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