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I am trying to build a database that records specimen batched at different temperatures from different laboratories. I was able to build a simple table and form where the user can choose from list of options in combo box (month, day of the week, department, storage temperature, send out location for specimen) and input some other data like date, batch sheet number, number of specimen on a particular batch sheet. I need some of this information to be grouped monthly for the different departments ie. Monthly sum for Chemistry, Cytogenetics, etc. How can I do this using a combo-box where the user chooses the month?  I created queries that group the specimen based on departments and months but I don't know what to do next. Your suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks.

Making a combo box with monthly values is easy. Just make a VALUE LIST where the values are:

1, "January", 2, "February" - and so on

You can then use that field along with whatever other criteria you have on your form as criteria for your query, such as:


And so on.

In my Microsoft Access Search Seminar I cover lots of different techniques like this.

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