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Using MS Access/MS Access 2000 convert into 2013 (Forms and VBA)


Dear Scott,

I'm using Database to manage and record my projects (over 1000 rec) including Recording Events (over 20.000 rec)like emails, phonecalls, collect info about machines, Attachments related to Events+Machines and so on.
I developed it since 5 years in Access 2000, meaning it is very useful, but complex with VBA, form and qry structure turning rather messy - meaning not easy to recreate as new in new version of Access.

Is there any way to convert  this existing databese from 2000 into MS Access 2013? I'm using 2000 at my old XP system and need to change into W7 immidiatelly.

Main problem I see are the rows built in Queries with multiple Fields like:
Project Name: IIf([tProject]![closed]=0;[tCUstomer]![shortname]+"

For Example Field Above is to list projects in txtbox, with closed projects remarked separately with prefix "[_]".
Then list looks like:
Customer1.shortname DevType1... '(open project)
Customer1.shortname DevType2... '(open project)
Customer2.shortname DevType1... '(open project)
[_]Customer2.shortname DevType2... '(closed project)

I have plenty of fields listing lots of data using such a syntax.

And this Syntax seems a main issue while converting from ms Acces 2000 into newer versions.

Please advise if there is any way or tool to convert succesfully.

Best regards

There should be very little need to rewrite for Access 2013. The main problem you have is that I'm not sure whether Access 2013 will read a 2K file format. So you may need to use an earlier version to bring it up to a version that 2013 can use.

I am still running mdb file under 2013 with no problem. You may have to do some tweaking, but not a major rewrite.

On the other hand it doesn't sound like you are using forms properly. There is no need to list projects in a textbox. You should be able to use a subform for that and you don't need all that concatenation code.  

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