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Hi Scottgem Plz answer my problem...I have a access table (2013)structure as follow:-

BillOfLading:- PK=BillOfLading  1-to-many with Container table

Container   :- PK=ContainerID FK=BillOfLadingID 1-to-many with

Cars for Sale table
Cars for sale:- PK=CarsSaleId FK=ConatinerID, FK=AuctionID(short text), BillNo, Purchase date, Vehicle name, chassis name, color, model, Buying price, freight cost, total cost, status(cars shipped, cars stock, cars sold)

Auction House    :-PK=AuctionID(short text)

Cars Sold   :-PK=CarsSoldID  FK=CarsSaleID , FK=CustomersID, Sale date, Salling price

Customers   :-PK=CustomersID,   Customer name

Please tell me how to design data entry form for all the tables.
Your help will much appreciated (I want to run the app in 2007 and 2010 versions also)

First, if you have users using both 2007 and 2010 then you should do all your development in 2007. Always develop in the lowest version your users will use.

Second, you should not be using a single form for all this data. It looks like your main table is the Cars for sale. The way you have it setup, you should have a form bound to that table. All your FKs would be conboboxes to look up from the respective child tables. You could use the NotInList event of the combos to add data to those tables. Another main table is Cars sold. The other tables would have forms to enter their data.  

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