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Hi Scottgem,

I've been trying to find an awesome place and community like this. I'm tired of seeking endless people that can't help me. I have high hopes with you and I'm sure you'll know how to solve this problem.

I'm working in an organizational structure for a business. I have 3 main tables, materials (including the description of the materials), activities( one activity is made from one or more materials), and laboratories( one laboratory is made from one or more activities). But the thing is that I'm fairly new to access and can't make the relationship to assign activities to laboratories.

I'm using forms in order to assign materials to activities(this part works fine), and activities to laboratories( I don't know why this won't work). I'll attach the structure.

I'll attach the database relationships, I would appreciate simple and patient answers please so that I can fully understand and solve my problem.

Thanks so much in advance

First, what you need to understand is that you have a Many to Many relationship between Materials and Activities and Activities and Laboratories. It looks like you have modeled these relationships correctly by using, what are called, junction tables. The two tables in the middle of your diagram are junction tables.

The usual way that data is entered when you have a many to many is with a mainform/subform combination. The mainform is bound to one side of the many to many and the subform is bound to the junction table. The subform should be linked to the main form on one of the keys and the other key should be filled with a combobox that looks up against the table for that side.

I see you have a query as the Recordsource of the subform, Why? What is the SQL for that query? its probably that query that is causing your problems.

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