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Hello there Scott
I don't know if you can help me or not but I will try anyhow as you seem to be a font of knowledge.
I have been merrily going along with Access 2010 when suddenly, without warning, I was unable to open the properties of my Access Databases.
I have the same problem also when I attempt to show available fields.
When I click on either tabs nothing happens.
Have you ever experienced this problem and, if so, how did you overcome it?
I have tried everything I know but cannot seem to overcome the problem. I thought that maybe the solution would be to re-install MS Office. This would be a desperation solution and I don't want to take this action without getting advice.
Hope you may be able to help Scott.

Try a Repair of Office first. Open Control Panel go to Programs (software), Select Office and click Change at the top. This should give you an option of Repair.

If that doesn't work, then do an Uninstall and Reinstall. Make sure you have your media first.

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