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Using MS Access/Switchboard opens pivot table in form view


KenW wrote at 2006-06-23 15:03:41
Believe the change to the Case statement should be:

Case conCmdOpenFormPivot


Case conCmdOpenFormBrowse

otherwise, works fine.

law wrote at 2007-09-06 20:59:29
I had to make this constant a 10 because there was already a 9.

Also, I needed to take out the "t" from "rst!" so it changed from

DoCmd.OpenForm rst![Argument], acFormPivotTable


DoCmd.OpenForm rs![Argument], acFormPivotTable

Then I noticed that I actually wanted to view the Pivot Chart, not the table so I changed it one last time to

DoCmd.OpenForm rs![Argument], acFormPivotChart

Thank you so much for this answer!

AUM wrote at 2007-11-15 21:33:09
Perfect answer.


max wrote at 2008-01-19 18:31:31
The second code should be:

' Open a PivotTable.

Case conCmdOpenFormPivot

DoCmd.OpenForm rst![Argument], acFormPivotTable

Miles of Smiles wrote at 2009-04-02 05:34:20
Nice work Scott.

Two minor changes required

1: Typing error, You declare

Const conCmdOpenFormPivot = 9

but in the select satement is

' Open a PivotTable.

Case conCmdOpenFormBrowse

That should be

Case conCmdOpenFormPivot

2: Open the Switchboard in design view and copy the button and label to ensure that you have enough.  Ensure that you name the objects consistantly

darren wrote at 2011-01-04 21:04:50
A quick note.    You have conCmdOpenFormBrowse.  The 'Browse' should be 'Pivot' to match your first command line.  Also the DoCmd.OpenForm rst![Argument] should be DoCmd.OpenForm rs![Argument]

Rahul wrote at 2012-12-12 21:30:03
But Scott,

I am not able to find any thing in the left hand side objects, except for one form that i have

I cannt see the switch board form ( Form_Switchboard)

Using MS Access

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