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Hi, we a Western Australian family of 5 are planning to take a 6 week holiday travelling in a RV in Dec/Jan. We fly in to LA, travel along the coast north to BC for a Christmas family reunion, then we hope to travel back to LA inland using perhaps highway 89(found a website) and would like to sight-see and ski along the way. Possible? and what are the must do's and easy access ski resorts with RV? regards Sharon

Sundance Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival  
If you are coming south from BC Highway 89 is very scenic. The highway to access ski resorts in Utah, That would mean about 95% of the ski resorts would be quick access from Interstate I-15. The Resorts I would recommend is not until you get to Salt Lake City, Utah. Those would be Alta Ski Resort, local residents favorite, also Brighton Ski Resort, also a local favorite, %26 Solitude Ski Resort. These Resorts are more affordable than most other in the Salt Lake area; they are located in the Wasatch Mountain Range which you can see from the Salt Lake Valley. They are all about 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City. The Mountain range sticks up from the Valley floor about 10,000 Feet. Alta, Utah is at a height of about 11,000 feet, and receives on average 500" of snow per year. On a good year there would be close to 160" base of snow. Alta also in my opinion and many around the World has the best powder skiing of any Resort in the World. It is where the Army Troops that where in the Ski unit during World War ll where trained. In fact the barracks are still there, and have been turned into a ski lodge. It was the second Resort in the United State to have a chair lift. Snow Bird Ski Resort is just down the road from Alta. It is more advanced skiing, and also more expensive to spend a day there. But if you like that type of skiing I would highly recommend Snow Bird. It has the longest vertical drop ski run in Utah, and at the top of the tram is 11,000 feet. You can see the Salt Lake Valley from the top of the tram.
If money is no object, I would highly recommend Deer Valley Ski Resort, which is rated in the top Ski Resorts in the World. It is located in the Park City, Utah area, about 1/2 mile away. Park City is where a major part of the 2002 Olympic events took place. These Resorts are in three different Canyons that you access from the Salt Lake Valley. All again are around 30 minutes from Salt Lake. Park City is also an old mining town from the 1800's. This is where William Randolph Hurst father made close to 50 Million dollars in silver mining. The town has an old western look to it, with lots of small shops and restaurants. One of which is owned by Robert Redford called Zooms. Further down I-15 is Provo Utah where you can access Robert Redfordís ski Resort called Sundance, Utah. Worth taking a trip to, a small resort, but in a very beautiful part of Utah. You access this up Provo Canyon. This is where Robert Redford filmed quite a bit of Jeremiah Johnson. A quaint little resort. Also Robert Redfordís Sundance film festival is based from there, but most of the festivals events take place in Park City. This takes place around the middle of February each year. Further south in Southern Utah is a ski resort in Cedar City, Utah. This resort is also off I-15, called Bryan Head. This is close to Bryce Canyon National Park, and just about 30 miles south is Zions Canyon National Park. There is also Arches National Park, which is off the beaten path on I-70, further north of Cedar City, which can be accessed by I-15. Bryan Head is a smaller resort, and also usually receives less snow. Any of the places I have mentioned above are well worth seeing. It depends on the amount of time you have to spend in our State. The State of Utah has the most National Parks than any other State in the Union. If you have further question, do not hesitate to contact me again. Hope you enjoy your trip. I have only talked about Utah, there are Resorts in BC, Montana near Yellowstone National Park, %26 Wyoming, in the Jackson Hole area. I would be happy to give you information on those if you desire. Thank you,
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