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VB.NET/save data from unbound datagridview into sql server database


farhan wrote at 2012-12-16 21:42:11
the abov code must be corrected this way

Dim thisConnection As New SqlConnection("server=.\SQLEXPRESS;" & _

         "integrated security=sspi;database=Northwind")

       'Create Command object

       Dim nonqueryCommand As SqlCommand = thisConnection.CreateCommand()


         ' Open Connection


         Console.WriteLine("Connection Opened")

         ' Create INSERT statement with named parameters

         nonqueryCommand.CommandText = _

         "INSERT  INTO myTable (Col1, Col2) VALUES (@Col1, @Col2)"

         ' Add Parameters to Command Parameters collection

         nonqueryCommand.Parameters.Add("@Col1", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50)

         nonqueryCommand.Parameters.Add("@Col2", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50)

         ' Prepare command for repeated execution


         ' Data to be inserted

         For Each row As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows

         If Not row.IsNewRow Then

         nonqueryCommand.Parameters("@Col1").Value = row.Cells(0).Value.ToString

         nonqueryCommand.Parameters("@Col2").Value = row.Cells(1).Value.ToString



       End If



      Catch ex As SqlException

         ' Display error

         Console.WriteLine("Error: " & ex.ToString())


         ' Close Connection


         Console.WriteLine("Connection Closed")

       End Try  

ihtisham khan wrote at 2013-05-01 04:08:07
hi and good morning who ever has done that coding thanx a lot it help me properly to insert datagridview item to sql but one thing i want to make it clear that is this code will be usefull in case if we have combobox as datagridcolumn  


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