I am a new Business Analyst and there is a lot of talk regarding API's. I have searched on the internet but still cant quite grasp how it relates or is used in my organization. we basically control our databases and we use a 3rd party vendor which allows people to upload documents and forms relating to a case. My question is where does the API plan into all of this? ex: i filled 10 documents regarding a case, 2 yrs later i log into the website and i query the case id # and it pulls up the 10 documents that i filled? Thank you in advance for your help and time.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. They provide a way for third party applications to communicate with a software as an external entity. Depending on the API, a software may expose all or some of it functionality through APIs. There are different ways of publishing APIs e.g REST, Webservices, COM, DCOM, DLLs etc.

Each API is different and the only ways to work it out is either through "intuition" (which is not easy) or read the documentation available from the provider.



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