Dear Rizwan,

Hope you will be fine.

My work is to format excel files from system generated format to another predefined format. I have macros to to do my task rapidly. This macro formats data and then paste it into that template.

I have to run this macro on more than 200 files(Existing in a folder). All i want to do,

* In order to decrease the effort of running the macros 200 times how can i select all file which are present in that particluar folder and format(paste on Template) by running macro once?

* is it possible using VB.net?

All i want is if you can guide me that how this idea can be implemented on system. Insha Allah i will try using VS2010.

Hassan Raza

Sub ListAllFiles()
   Dim fs As FileSearch, ws As Worksheet, i As Long
   Set fs = Application.FileSearch
   With fs
       .SearchSubFolders = False ' set to true if you want sub-folders included
       .FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles 'can modify to just Excel files eg with msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
       .LookIn = "C:\" 'modify this to where you want to serach
       If .Execute > 0 Then
         Set ws = Worksheets.Add
         For i = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
         ws.Cells(i, 1) = .FoundFiles(i)
         MsgBox "No files found"
       End If
   End With
End Sub

the above is taken from: http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65530

with some modification you should be able to open all files in excel and apply your macro over the data and paste into your template.


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