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VB.NET/client side and server side communication


Hello, Anup M.

I want to build a system where the user will fetch data from
the server and display it in a browser, using html5.

I am using Visual Studio to write my client side code, but what technology should I use to communicate between client and server?

I was thinking about using Ajax, or html's data-binding, can you explain me what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and which one should I use?

Thank you



I recommend for your client side use HTML/Javascript/CSS technologies. There is a very popular framework for this stack called JQuery. It is very dynamic and perfect for your scenario. See

A sample of how to use JQuery to call the web services

For Server Side what I would say first check with your ISP where you are going to host it what types of server side technologies are available. If using ASP.NET I would recommend Web API. See then check out the first tutorial If you do not have Visual Studio 2012 you can download the Express release from the microsoft website.

Hope this helps!


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