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VB.NET/How Can I save a form that dynamically as formname.vb


i want to develop an application that allows user to design his/ her own screens.

For this, I am following this procedure

I created a tool box with some tools (label, button, textboxes, line etc..)
i have a new form (this form has to save with a name and with an extension .vb), And can add some controls to the form using tools in my tool box.
And i am adding some event handler to these controls.
Now i want to save the form with controls on it. (same as we create a form and add controls to it manually using visual studio)
Now my question is, can i do this using or not, if yes, how?. Please help me i am stuck at this for no. of weeks,


Why do you want to generate .vb forms? why not save your form data as XML instead and load it in your designer.

Moreover you can use Codedom to achieve this. More information can be found here:  


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