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I have two tables with column A and column B.  I want to update column B of  table9 with column B of table1 . I am trying this query in ms access from It pastes the column below the existing data. How do I write a update query that will replace the existing column?   

update table1 t1 LEFT JOIN table9 T9 on t1.a = t9.a SET t9.b = t1.b   


I will need some additional information.

1) These two tables have many rows in them, and you are trying to update every row, in the manner stated in your question is that correct?

2) When you say "It pastes the column below the existing data" I do not understand that statement.  Do you mean the incorrect row is updated? Or do you mean the incorrect column is updated in the correct row?

Either way it seems like the update statement you have should be changed to something like this...

update table9 t9 LEFT JOIN table1 T1 on t9.a= t9t1.a SET t9.b = t1.b   

The table you are updating .....Table 9 should come after the update statement.  


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