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VMware/VMWare Fusion 3 Unable To Enlarge


Have a new installation of VMWare Fusion 3. During setup it set aside just 40GB, which filled up quickly on my 1TB iMac drive.

I have gone into settings, with VMW stopped and upped the size to 78GB and left the 2GB partition, as per the default. However, nothing has changed. It shows the 78GB in the settings and I have restarted VMW several times and complete reboot of the iMac also, but it is still at just 40GB and my drive is full. Something I should do?

Their manual says I could do a fixed partition or pre-allocated, which is fine with me at say 100GB, but that this has some risks. If I cannot get the variable space to move, should I do that or is there some way to get VMW to change the size that I might have missed?

Hello Jerry how are you doing

what is the guest operating system that you are running on the vmware fusion that you want to resize it ? windows xp windows vista windows 7 , linux ?

when you resize the hard drive size in the vmware fusion , it actually changes the vmware settings for the virtual machine but not the guest os automatically , you have resized it from 40GB to 78GB from the vmware fusion interface but you still need to do a couple of things on the guest os to re-allocate or add the new added space so the guest system can recognized it , you need a disk management tool such as  EASEUS Partition master " there is a free home edition" you need that software to install it on your virtual guest os for example windows xp , then run the tool inside the vm and then resize the hard drive to add the 38GB that you have added to the preallocated 40GB.
this tool is safe , but we always recommend to to backup your virtual machine on an external hard drive incase if something wrong happened during the resize.

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime at

good luck and have anice day.  


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