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VMware/Will System produce heat by running two OS simultaneously?


I am using Windows XP SP3, I would like to use Windows 7 as Guest OS with Windows XP simultaneously. I need to convert my existing XP applications to Windows 7. Is it possible?.

If I will use Virtual Machine software and running two OS simultaneously,
Will My Machine will be affected by Heat or any other Hardware and software related problems?

I welcome your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Mohan J how are you doing
yes it is possible , you can install it within windows xp and try it out and try installing and testing your applications on it to make sure everything works before dumping xp and converting to windows 7 on the physical box.

yes it will be affected but its not that big effect ,its just like running a modern game on your desktop/laptop and no it wont effect your hardware or create software issues with your existing windows xp as it is a software by it self runs within windows.

but you need to make sure that you have the minimum requirements to use virtulization software such as vmware player or vmware workstation or oracle virtualbox most of them require 2GB of memory and a modern cpu a 2GHZ or faster an enough free space

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back through or email me directly at

good luck and have a nice day.  


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