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VMware/VM Ware 9 Windows Protection error


QUESTION: I have just installed Windows 95 on VMWare 9. I have 2 issues:
1.I get a “ Windows protection error” when I start up and I can only go into Safe Mode.I have decreased the RAM to around 300 MB as suggested somewhere else. It doesn’t work. It has also been suggested to disable Hardware Virtualization, but I don’t know how to do it
2.I  show no CD-ROM drive nor any removable drives in Windows 95 under My Computer .
Can you help me please?



ANSWER: Hello Franco how are you doing

this is a common error for windows 95 if it runs on a certain kinds of processors
check this kb article from vmware and let me know if your processor is one of them

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QUESTION: Thank you.

First, my processor is not among the ones listed in the article you referred  me to.
Mine is an Intel(R)Core(TM)i3-2120. Besides, the article does not provide any other diagnostic tool or ways to fix the problem. This is why I rely on experts like you.

Secondly, I'd appreciate if you could  address the issue of how to install a CD-Rom drive in VM-Ware.



ANSWER: Hello Franco
i sent you that KB because there are a lot of problems with windows 95 on vmware workstaiton , my point was to get close the the real cause.


to add a cd-rom you right click on the virtual machine while its off , and choose settings
then click the add button to add a cdrom or a floppy drive

using the official windows 95 will not work perfectly on vmware workstation 6/7/8/9/ , you need to change the Hardware Compatibility to vmware 4 or 5 , you can do that by right clicking on the vm and choose manage then change hardware compatibility , follow the wizard.

good luck

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QUESTION: I was finally able to boot into normal Windows 95 and not Safe Mode. The Windows protection error was due to the fact that I had inadvertently put Windpws 7 as a guest system. As soon as I put in Windows 95 as a guest OS, the problem was solved. Now the only thing I'd like to improve is the visual display and the resolutiom. The C.P. Display settings are very basic. Is there something a Intel Extreme Graphics software or a graphic driver I can use with VMwaew Windows 95. I gather the display cannot be configured through the Host sysdtem ( Windows 7).



Hello franco how are you doing
sorry for the delay got a flu shot and its not working pretty good

you need to install vmware tools in windows 95 to enable sound ,video drivers , etc..
you can do that by right clicking on the windows 95 vm in the list and choose install vmware tools " while the vm windows 95 is running" then reboot when its done installing and you should get better display and resolution

good luck  


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