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VMware/VMware doesnt recognize Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter!



I'm using a VMware version 9 and my host computer is a windows 7 Professional x64 with 6GB of RAM.
I have installed Backtrack 5R3-GNOME-32 in VMware but it doesn't recognizes my wireless interface which is Atheros AR9285 Ethernet 802.3. I have read some forums telling that Backtrack should be installed natively to PC (not virtually) to communicate with wireless interface or one must use a USB Wireless card.
I want to know if there is a way to solve the problem and force the VMware to recognize the wireless card in it, so one can use the wireless card in Backtrack in VMware.
PS: The airmon-ng in Terminal shows the following picture.

Thank you

Hello Ahmed
I have used backtrack a lot in the past , now the newer version is called Kali
one thing you need to know that PCI will be emulated on  hypervisors such as VMware or virtual box or Xen , guest machines will not be able to access it directly it will be bridged that's all.

and that's true natively on the pc or a USB wireless card for VMware or virtual box and others.

you can use kali Linux or backtrack live without installation directly on the hardware , boot your computer from a kali/backtrack cd/dvd and choose live from the boot menu " not install " and that should boot you off the Linux based distribution without modifications to the hard drive.

good luck  


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