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Hi Jan
My wife and I are entertaining the prospect of retireing to the southern US from Canada.
We know there a big 'snowbird' communities in Arizona and Florida, but we were thinking of someplace a bit less crowded and more affordable. No real preference, any southern state will do, as long as it is within driving distance of a metropolitan centre with a major airport.
Traveling in the south on buisness I really like the people and would feel right at home.

Hello, Bud,

There are a myriad of choices, considering that the US is so diverse. I would recommend that you consider climate early in your search. Consider what climate appeals to you, personally. There are a variety of climates from which to choose, Including the dry southwest in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, and the humid southeast of Florida and the other southeastern states, such as the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama.  Keep in mind that these areas have climates and temperatures that vary throughout the year, so please be sure you familiarize yourself with the temperature variations and rainfall, or lack thereof, of each region that you are considering.  You will also want to consider the cost of living, if that is a concern for you.  Southern California is one of the more expensive regions. Other considerations include access to healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.  I recommend that you read as much about any region that you're considering as possible. And then, if you have the means to do so and the time, I would highly recommend that you rent a vacation home for a month or more in any area to which you are considering moving, to see for yourself if it is what you're looking for.

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