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hello there, I am quite unsure by what it means when a property is listed with utilities present. The utilities that it lists that are present are bb/hs, internet available, and cable, now what is bb/hs and does this mean I will have to pay for them and will internet and cable be provided? thank you for your time.

Hello, Miguel,

My apologies that it has taken me a couple of days to reply to your question.  I have been traveling, and am without a computer!  

Most vacation rentals for less than 30 days usually include all utilities and services, although some will charge a daily utility fee or possibly a daily fee for pool heat (or similar).  The abbreviation bb/hs usually preceeds the word "internet" and stands for broad band/high speed.  This is a regionally-used abbreviation; I have commonly seen it in Florida, although it may be used other places.  To be sure exactly what is included and not included in the rate you are quoted, it is always a good idea to confirm with the rental agency exactly what is included, and whether you can anticipate any additional charges, either up front, or upon departure.

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