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OK - - how do I disassemble in order to clean/replace the tubes and/or CVA?

Found the same problem you answered re: the machine cutting off a few seconds after it is turned on.... even with a clean bag.  It shuts off if palm over opening, but runs otherwise.  Also shuts off if the hose is attached to the opening... even with a clean bag.

Thanks for assistance.

1.  Did you try turning the dial so the arrow lines up with the smallest dot?
2.  Did you check the afterfilter located under the tool holder?

It does sound like it's probably a dirty or broken control valve assembly, or dirty tubes.  I don't recommend taking the machine apart yourself.  Incorrect reassembly can result in an unusable vacuum, and/or a shock and fire hazard.  I have had many people bring a machine in for me to reassemble, sometimes with broken or missing parts.  

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