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Hi Lisa,

I have a Hoover F7412-900 Steam Vac that has a bad turbine assembly (brushes not spinning).  I removed the turbine and have found a replacement online, however I have a question:  

The turbine assembly itself can be opened up rather easily and in doing so I discovered the actual culprit - the rotating flywheel (the piece that spins when high-speed air is blown across it) is cracked.  This flywheel is made of plastic and it's easy to see why it broke so easily, given that it spins at high speed and is subject to a lot of stress.   So I'm wondering if you happen to know of any sources where I can obtain this part?  It would be nice to have several of the flywheels just in case (and I'm sure it will happen) the one in my replacement turbine assy. breaks in the future.   I've been searching online and so far have found no one that sells other than the entire assembly.

Thanks for your help!

Happy Holidays, Joel!  Thank you for your question.  Honestly, this is the first time I have heard of one breaking there.  Usually we see hair wrapped around the bearing that makes the brushes fail. Probably, though, they've gotten even cheaper in the construction materials.  
 To my knowledge, Hoover does not make just that part available.  China, most likely, doesn't make that component available to Hoover.  Chances are, China doesn't make it available for anyone.  I did do a little checking and cannot come up with a viable substitute.
 The only suggestion I can give you is to make sure you vacuum well before you clean your carpet, with a fresh belt on your vacuum for maximum efficiency. If you have pets, invest in a small carpet rake.  This will make for less stress on the weakest part of that Hoover, the turbine.
 Good luck to you, and again, Happy New Year!

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