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Hello Lisa. My recently purchased Hoover floor mate model FH40030 wonīt dispense the cleaning liquid at all. Someone suggested to remove and reinstall handle. How do I remove it after itīs already been attached? thank You...

Hello Bianca!  Thank you for your question.  All right, so let's make sure it is the handle/trigger mechanism and not the valve. Ensure you have the switch set to "wet scrub."   Remove the top solution tank.  If you look on that little shelf the tank sets on, you should see a valve (I tried the website, but it is useless for this unit-should be diagram number 16, as far as I can see).  If you depress the trigger, while watching that valve, can you see the valve move?   If you can, we need to check your tank.  So put a little water in it, and with a pencil or your little finger, depress the stem on the backside of the tank.  A brand new tank should dispense, or get a new one from Hoover.
 If the solution tank valve did not move when you depressed the trigger, look at the handle where it joins the body.   The part that you pressed the handle down onto.  If you did not get it on all the way, there should be a gap.  If there is, the handle can be removed and reset.  If it is on well, and you heard it "click" when you installed it, then you should probably take it to the nearest warranty center.  If the handle can be pulled off, reinstall it, pressing down, HARD!  It can be very difficult.  Sometimes, it helps to depress the trigger while installing.  
 If these steps do not solve the dispenser problem, take it to the nearest warranty center, unless you can exchange it at the place of purchase.
 Thanks again for your question.  I hope this helps.

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