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Thank you for being there!  I am on a fixed income and can't just take it in for repair, so I have to do myself if possible.  There is an obstruction in the bottom portion of the upright, the wand is clear but I cannot see up into the hose from the underside of the unit, the beater bar is in the wayhuyhy. Help

This is a fairly simple fix.  
1.  Lay the vacuum on it's side.
2.  Gently pull the black tube out from the power head.
3.  Try to clear it from the open end.
4.  If you can't clear it completely, unscrew the tube from the main body.  In this case use a clock-wise motion to unscrew it.  The tube will come clear, and can then be completely cleaned out.
5.  Check for additional blockage in the main body.  Clear if necessary.
6.  Before reinstalling the tube, check for holes, tears, and/or cracks.
7.  Place end of tube into hole and screw in in a counter-clockwise motion.
8.  Place the other end of the tube into the power head and gently push in and wiggle at the same time.

This should take care of the problem.  Let me know if you have additional problems with it.


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