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Thank you for taking the time to help me with my problem. I have a Hoover U5018-900 that I believe needs new carbon brushes for the motor. I have tried several methods for finding this part, but have not had any luck. Are you aware of any sources for this part? I may be using the wrong reference for the brushes. I use the model of the vacuum cleaner, but is there usually a different model for the motor? Also, the current brushes are riveted in place. Assuming I can find the part, would it be acceptable to use a screw? Thank you agian for your time. Happy New Year.


It sounds like you need to get a new, or at least a good used/refurbished motor. Since the brushes are riveted in place the chances of removing and replacing them ruining the motor are great.  They also probably aren't available as individual parts.
You can order a motor from  
The cost is about $55.
PART NUMBER: 59155052

With the cost of the motor, you may be ahead getting a new vacuum that carries a warranty.
Good used vacuums and motors can sometimes be found on ebay. You can also check craigslist or thrift stores for a vacuum.


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