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Vacuum Cleaners/Electrolux central vac won't turn off!!!


FixItMyself wrote at 2014-09-14 16:47:32
"Actually, the first number is the model number, the second is the serial number"

- This is incorrect. Both these numbers are model numbers and can be used interchangeably when searching for parts.

"The power cord (from the vacuum to the power source) could have a short in it.  Check for cuts, breaks, chew marks, or melting in the cord.  Any of these could cause a couple of bare wires to touch.  All it would take is the bare ground wire touching the hot wire through a cut in the insulation."

- This doesn't make any sense. A short in a power cord will cause a breaker to trip, or worse a fire, not cause something to run continuously.

My advise (I have the same exact unit and the same problem) - There are two low voltage wires that plug into the side of your vacuum where the circuit board is. Unplug these and plug the power cord back in. If the unit starts up, your problem is at the circuit board. Those two low voltage wires complete a circuit when the vacuum hose is plugged in that allows power to flow to the motor. If these are unplugged at the canister, something internally is completing this circuit and allowing power to flow to the motor. That is the only thing that the circuit board does beside cutting out power via a circuit breaker if something were to go wrong. Make sure the unit is unplugged, unscrew the three set screws that hold the canister lid on, the unscrew the two ring nuts outside the canister that are on the circuit breaker and low voltage wire connections. This will allow you to remove the circuit board and inspect it. If all wires are tightly installed and there doesn't appear to be anything on the circuit board that could be causing a short, it's probably the circuit board. It's an east fix. Don't disconnect the existing circuit board until you receive the new one. Then disconnect one wire at a time and immediately connect it to the same location on the new circuit board until all wires have been reconnected to the new board. Reassemble in reverse. You should be back in business.

When you breakdown what your vacuum is, the only parts that operate the unit are the circuit board and motor. Outside of that its just pipes, outlets and a canister for the dirt. Put in a new motor and you essentially have a new vacuum unit (assuming all other components have been maintained and are in good shape). If you never replaced the motor this may be a good time to do it if the unit is over 15 years old. It's only a matter of time before they go.

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