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I just bought very thick, plush pile, smartstrand silk, karastan carpet for my living room as well as my entire basement.  I currently own a Dyson, but Dyson's apparently ruin the warranty of the carpet as it frays the carpet.  I love my Dyson, but the reason I am replacing my living room carpet is because it looks completely worn, frayed and ruined and I think it is due to my Dyson.  The Karastan website recommends an adjustable height vacuum and for carpet like mine, maybe no beater bar at all...they specifically recommend these vacuums but I am not reading great reviews:

Standard Upright Vacuum Models
Hoover UH70120 ($100-$150)
Hoover UH70205 ($150-$200)
Hoover U5780-950 ($150-$200)
Dirt Devil UD70115 ($50-$100)
Eureka AS5203A ($50-$100)

Lightweight/No Depth Adjustment
Oreck Magnesium ($250-$300)
Oreck Magnesium RS ($450-$500)
Hoover Nano UH20020W ($50-$100)

Canister Vacuum Models
Hoover Canister S3865 ($300-$350)
Oreck Quest Pro ($350-$400)

I just want a good vacuum that won't ruin my new carpet.  I really need the carpet to last.  Do you have any recommendations from the list above or better ones that may not be on the list?  Thanks!

Hi Brittany! Wow, I love that carpet! So luxe and great to wiggle your toes on! And, I understand the problem very well. Okay, so I could pick apart each vac that they recommended to you, but that would take forever. Suffice to say, they are out of their minds if they think one without manual height adjust will get that carpet clean. The Dyson has great suction, but the agitation is what gets the deep down crud out of your carpet. The Oreck vacuums won't do it either.
The only vac I know that will get high enough to gently sweep those fibers, as the suction is lifting is the Simplicity Synergy (the Riccar version is the Radiance). It has two motors to get the deep crud, you can turn off the brushroll, and it has five height settings.  The brushroll bristles can be customized for your fragile silk fibers!
Both the Riccar and the Simplicity are made in the USA. The quality is high, and you enjoy a longer warranty period.
 If you phone 1888simply9, or visit, you can locate a dealer in your area. They are higher end vacuums, but if it were me, I would feel like a complete bozo if I ruined my gorgeous carpet with a cheapo vacuum cleaner. You bought the best, you need to maintain it.
Good luck, enjoy your toe-wiggling carpet. Thanks for your question.

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