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A customer brought me an old filter queen 31x canister with the motor burned up.  He has been inside the unit and the wireing is apart.  Best I can tell it only needs a motor but I cant tell anything about the original wireing pattern.  Is there any way you could email me a wireing diagram.  He told me it has a power head with it but he did not bring it.  From what I can tell it should be a two speed.  The motor has 5 wires coming out of the case.
Calvin Moore

Calvin.....I am sorry I can't help you with the filter queen. I was the
inventor and imagineer for the Vacs America products. Sorry I can not help you
with this unit. We had all single speed motors and used bleed valves for
suction reduction.   Good luck with that problem.....Bud

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Buddy Harrelson


I can anwser any queations reguarding the Cubby vac, Vac magic and the Hose genie. Products built by Vacs America. I can supply parts for most of these products.


I was the engineer and designer of these products and held 7 patents on their designs.

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