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QUESTION: Can you please tell me where the reset button is?

ANSWER: Manufacturer & exact model number, please, Tena.

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QUESTION: GCV-100--Proteam

Hi Tena.  Per your owners manual, the parts breakdown, and the personnel at ProTeam, this unit does not have a "reset" button.  Considering it is a battery powered unit, maybe you'd like to tell me what went on?  What is the unit doing or not doing?  What, if any, noise or incident occurred prior to the problem?
 Maybe we can narrow the issue down a bit, to give you a better idea of what to do.  I'll help in any way I am able.

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Please ask me any questions regarding the efficiency, durability, and value of 99.5% of today's vacuum cleaners, residential and commercial. I am able to help, also, with your residential carpet cleaners and vapor steamers. I cannot answer questions such as "how much should I pay for my vac?" "how often should I change the bag, belt, filter?" or "how often should I vacuum?" , etc. I also will not advise you how to use equipment for other than its original application; including any disassembly or modification not approved by the unit's manufacturer.


I am the owner of a well-established (sixty-plus years), family-owned & operated vacuum retail and repair business. We are a full service/warranty center for 99.5% of vacuums manufactured. I, personally, have extensive hands-on experience with today's most popular vacuum cleaners, I have not only used the vacs in my own home, I have repaired them. I have been in the floor care industry for over 25 years.

I have attended certification seminars with the industry's trade association. My education, however, has been mostly hands-on, carrying on a sixty year old tradition in a brick and mortar 'mom & pop' location.

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