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I have new loop-style carpet that's of fairly nice quality (Shaw Tuftex Stainmaster Tactesse Nylon). After reading through the care recommendations from the manufacturer after installation, I learned that a suction-only vacuum would be best for the care of the carpet.

Sadly, just prior to installing the carpet I purchased an Oreck Magnesium upright - and now I'm concerned the brush roller on the vacuum will do damage. I'm not convinced that a suction-only vacuum will clean thoroughly, but I'm also afraid of "fuzzing" my loop carpet with the brush roller. I do use the low speed setting for the roller.

I'm curious about your opinion of suction-only vacuums - and which ones might be the best to consider?

Thank you!

Hi Jennifer!   Thank you for your question.  You didn't mention how long or deep the fibers on your new carpet are, maybe a Berber-type?   I will assume you opted for a good quality pad. So...truthfully, in my opinion, you will never get the regular DIRT out of any carpet using a vacuum without a brushroll.  The suction and the air speed generated by the rotation of the brushroll LIFT the fibers up, and the bristles gently sweep it up into the vacuum.  Remember the old Hoover slogan:  "It beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans."  They had a point.
 When I first moved to the So Cal desert near Palm Springs, I bought a pre-owned desert car. The first time I vacuumed it, I found myself going over and over and over! the same area with my upholstery tool on a straight suction, good quality canister vacuum.  And still the sand was coming up!  It was infinite!  When I got smart and used a hand vac with a  powered brushroll, the sand disappeared!
 The Oreck (which btw, if you bought it at Costco, you are in luck) has a gentle enough brushroll for your new carpet.  Unfortunately, it hasn't got any height adjustment.  It can only vacuum at one level, low.  This means, not only are you working the new carpet too hard, the vac is working too hard, and you are working too hard.  With a manual height adjust, you will be able to raise the machine up high enough so as not to damage your loop, yet sufficient to get out the dirt.  Dirt will work down and in to the backing of the carpet, eventually destroying it.  You will be replacing that nice new carpeting much sooner than you would prefer.  Additionally, just think about how many different critters can exist in your home with you...ick.
 If you go with a wooden brushroll, and a manual height adjust style vacuum, you won't damage your new investment, yet you'll be confident you've cleaned it well.
 And please, do remember, a good rug will shed or "fuzz" sometimes for years.  This is normal and not a problem.    
 Thanks again for your question, Jennifer.  I hope this helps.

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