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QUESTION: I am using the Max Expert 9000 Hoover Platinum, everything works ok except the brushes in the center.
The brushes in the front clean and work perfect but the ones in the center don't move, we live in Tokyo and there is no service here for Hoover, Do I have to push a button or something like that? The brushes doesn't have dirty blocking it and they are well collocated. Is there any reset button?
Today was the first day of use, please help me and tell me what to do.

ANSWER: Hi Rossina.  Thank you for your question.  This is going to be a little tough; I do not have access to parts schematics for out-of-country models.  But, I believe it is safe to assume your unit is very similar to the Hoover Platinum Max Extract F8100900.
 I need you to send me a follow-up question, please.  I need to know which brush exactly is not turning?  The long cylindrical horizontal one that is in the front of the machine?  Or the six-brush block behind, closer to the user?  You tried this with the handle in the back position, correct?  They will only go when the handle is released.
  Also, you should have the dial switch lit up at the Carpet setting, Wash & Rinse. No other lights are blinking, right?  This is the only way to get all of the brushes working.
 Please do send a followup with that info.  I'd love to help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Lisa, thank you for writing me, it is the F8100900, the brushes that are not moving are the six-brush block behind, sometimes they move and sometimes they don't when they are in the wash & rinse position.

Hi again, Rossina.  Thank you for your follow-up, confirming my assumptions.  Because there are several different possibilities causing the Hoover brushes not to spin, you may have to submit another follow-up.  The program only allows two follow-up questions before you have to submit an entirely new question. I will try to make this as clear and concise as possible.
 First, please go to to find a diagram of your Hoover model F8100900. Enter that model number in the search box provided, and choose Model search. You should see three different parts breakdown diagrams. Click on the "Nozzle/Hood/Motor" parts. These are the item numbers & names we will use.
 Because you stated the brushes intermittently spin,it may be a suction issue, as the spin brushes work on vacuum suction. If that suction is reduced, for whatever reason, the brushes will stop. So, remove the Dirty Water Tank, Item 2, from the machine. Remove the lid, Item 1, from the tank. Check Item 3, the screen to make sure it is clear and clean. Remove any fuzz or lint.   
Please run through this checklist for me:  *When plugged in, unit's dial lights up. *Selector is set to either "Carpet" or "Rug." *Dial is set on "Wash & Rinse." *There is solution in the soap tank, water in the clean water tank. *The Dirty Water tank is installed, with the lid properly sealed. *Release the handle, to prepare for use. *Please do try the machine in both settings, "Rug" and "Carpet." Remember, you MUST have the handle released, so the machine must not be upright, for the brushes to move.
 This from Hoover's Tech Manual for this unit:
 " Brushes not spinning
   Handle locked up upright storage position – Lower handle and recheck operation.
   Spinscrub® mode selector in off position. FH50240 only.
   Screen at Turbine intake clogged. Clear and recheck operation.
   Brush Block Drive Pin broken – replace.
   Turbine Failed – Replace Turbine. First remove Recovery Tank and seal over the Intake with
   your hand and allow unit to run a short period of time. Recheck operation."

Rossina, I truly hope this works for you.I apologize for taking so long to get back.I kept typing and editing this over & over.I tried to be clear, but I may have gotten too long-winded. Again, thank you for your question. Good luck to you!

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