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Hi Buddy - I got your name from some nice folks in Calgary. I have a CubbyVac unit with a failed gear. It is the plastic transfer gear between the motor and the primary hose drive wheel.
I would very much like to purchase the replacement part, but I have been unsuccessful locating it. Can you help?

If none are available, can you supply me with either a print, sketch or at least a specification (example: 50 tooth helical root diameter 2.5") so that I can have one custom manufactured.

My wife loves the product and is pressing me to fix the unit (she would not allow me to merely purchase an ordinary vacuum cleaner as replacement)

Hi Gene...... Yes I can help. I have worm drive gears for all models made by
         Vacs America. If you would give me a call after 1 PM any day we
         can determine exatly which you need. Have your cerial # and Model #
         to help save time.  Thanks for your inquire.....Bud

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I can anwser any queations reguarding the Cubby vac, Vac magic and the Hose genie. Products built by Vacs America. I can supply parts for most of these products.


I was the engineer and designer of these products and held 7 patents on their designs.

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