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My vacuum started making a rumbling noise like something was sucked up that shouldn't have been. I took the bottom off, cleared off the roller and checked the belt. The belt looks fine. Leaving the roller and belt off, I started the vacuum again and it continued to make the same noise, and it smells like something is burning. I don't see anything stuck in the tube in the bottom, nothing is falling out, and the bag is around half full.

Could the motor be burning up? Would it make sense to rip the vacuum apart more to check between the bottom and where it goes to the bag?

It's a Eureka Powerline Plus, 77773 as-1 and I can't find anything on their site.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!!!

Smell the motor.  If it has an overwhelming burnt wire smell it's shot.
It sounds like it's more likely something caught in the fan/impellor or it's broken.  It's generally cheaper to replace the this brand of vacuum than to replace the part.
I suggest looking on Ebay for a good quality vacuum.  

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