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QUESTION: I have moved into a house that is all red oak nail down floors except for the bathrooms.  All the articles I have read on care for hardwood floors says not to use a beater brush or a roller brush as they will damage the floors.  In addition, it is recommended that the vacuum have rubber wheels and has a protected "head" that runs directly against the floor.  I'm thoroughly confused as to what vacuum to buy without breaking the bank.  I'm not really a fan of canister vacs for basic floor vacuuming.  Help!!!

ANSWER: Hi Tanya! Thanks for your question, as I am sure others are confused also. Of course, the default recommendation would be a canister vacuum. Because of the suction of a canister, averaging 100" of waterlift, it far 'outsucks' any upright. FYI, the average Hoover Wind Tunnel measures about 45". Not good, but compensated by the airwatts generated by the brushroll.  So, you really would do best with a canister.
However, there is an alternative! How about the best of both worlds? Awesome suction and tools if you should want to use them. All neatly rolled up in something you will be able to stand. Go online to Amazon & check out the Miele Quickstep. New they cost $294., but they do have used, which I suggest you take a good look at.
Mieles are famous for being quiet as well as awesome suction. I, personally, have one I use at home. It should come with a nice horsehair, wheeled floor tool. If not, you can easily find one at your local Miele dealer.
This vacuum will fill your needs perfectly! This is my favorite part of what I do! Thank you very much for your question!    

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: One more question....would the horsehair floor tool scratch the beautiful surface of my wood floors?  All I have seen says to use only microfiber on the wood surface.   Thanks again for all your help!

Tanya, thanks for the follow-up. Rest easy, the horsehair is non-scratch. It should be ideal, especially if you have pets. Microfiber tools are fantastic, but they do get loaded up easily. Your floor should not be that fragile. I also suggest you purchase a commercial grade dust mop. Rubbermaid makes a good one. Treated, it will pick up everything that will scratch the finish of your floor as you walk.
I hope this answers any questions you may have. Thanks again!

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