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Hi there!

I'm looking for a vacuum that's good with pet hair, but also with mine. I shed a crazy amount (you wouldn't even believe it if you saw it). I have long hair, and have managed to destroy many vacuums with this hair OR I end up spending over an hour cutting the hair out of the vacuum. Usually, by the time I get to my bedroom, I have to stop, cut the hair out, and then vacuum. Usually, by this time, it's so clogged with the combination of me and the cats that the brushes don't move anymore. I'm looking for a vacuum where this isn't a problem so I'm thinking brushless. I have laminate tile/wood floors except in the 3 bedrooms which is carpet. The problem is that this is the worse culprit with the hair being everywhere. Can you recommend a good vacuum for under $300? I'm ok with canister or upright as long as it isn't heavy. For canister, I prefer something with wheels. I don't want to carry it along as I'm going. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Michelle! So, you have a little problem with hair, I guess.  Well, pretty much whatever you purchase will still have to be maintained some, make no mistake. However, I'm betting we can do a little better on the durability & effectiveness factor.  Basically, you can't even think about going brushless with your carpet.  You will never get the dirt out of it. If you can't get the dirt out, you will walk in, grind in, all of that into the carpet backing. Even if you don't have sand like we do here, you still need a brush to lift and gently sweep up the fibers.
 I would suggest a canister because you can cover all your bases in one versatile machine. However, the $300.00 requirement zaps that out of the ballpark. So, if you are willing to sacrifice one feature, how about just one upright for the carpet?  You can get some little straight suction canister for the laminate & furniture for under $ 50.00 that will work just fine for you.
 Check out the Sanitaire SC886, by Electrolux. The thing about this vacuum is the brushroll is superior to any wooden or plastic brush made! I have never seen hair tear up these metal brushrolls. You can rebuild it, replacing the strips when needed. And you won't have to keep checking the vac to see if you're tearing it up. You can find them all over the internet, usually at $199 to $299. Just make sure it has the metal brushroll with the blue and orange bristle strips.
 It is a little heavy. Just set the height knob up a bit and you shouldn't have a problem. If you find it still too weighty, check out the Sanitaire Blue S635.  Just purchase the metal roller separately, & install the better one.  Keep your belt fresh and everything will go better than you can imagine!
 I hope this helps, Michelle.  Please let me know how it goes. Thanks for your question.  

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