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Which vacuum cleaner do you recommend for frieze carpeting?

Well, hello Lora!  I apologize sincerely for the delay in responding. I double-tapped my device to enlarge the tiny font, and when I did, it sent you an automated refusal! I had an answer temporarily stored, but it was lost! It took almost a week for the tech dept. to notify me they had fixed the issue. Again, my apologies!
 I did have all kinds of details in my prior answer, but as you have skipped a lot of detail from your question, I have removed most of the superfluous from my answer. So, on to it.
 Okay, so some of the frieze manufacturers, Mohawk for example, will void their warranty on your lovely carpet if you use certain brands of vacuum cleaners. This is not because of the brushroll/agitator action, it is because of the suction. But, suction is really nothing without the air watts generated by the brushroll action. And you can't get sand or deep-down debris out of your carpet without a brushroll. So, what do you do?
 What are the features that will best clean your frieze?  Primarily and non-negotiable, it must have a manual height adjustment mechanism. You need to get that vac nozzle up and away from the carpet, so you don't bald it or unfurl those tightly twisted fibers. Most vacuums have an automatic adjust, it just drops to the lowest level. Or their manual height adjustment levels are so closely spaced, you cannot see a difference in low and high. The rest of its features are just bells & whistles, per your preferences.
  Take a look at the Riccar Radiance or Brilliance; and the Simplicity Synergy or Synchrony. Both brands are made at the same location outside of St. Louis Missouri, and are almost identical. These are the only vacuums I have found that have the large rear wheels to keep from sagging into the carpeting, and most importantly, the highest height adjustment level in the industry! You can turn off and on the brushroll. You have two motor systems working in tandem to get your carpet genuinely clean. Plus, they have long warranties because they are Made in the USA.
 I prefer the Simplicity vacs only because these vacuums can be a bit heavy. The Simplicity has a handle right in the front of the vacuum, at the bag cover door. This balances the weight so nicely that it makes it seem a little less bulky. I think they cheated Riccar when they skipped it.
 You probably won't know the brand names. This is because the parent company, Tacony, chooses to spend those multi-million dollars on R&D, not on advertising. Because they are a smaller company, they can respond to the consumers' needs better. If there is a flaw in the design of their vacuums, they will correct it. No other manufacturer, ever, does that!
 I think you will be very happy with either of these two, just pick the bells and whistles you want! Thank you for hanging with AllExperts, and with me! Thanks for your question, I do hope this helps!

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