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Hi there!  My home was roughed in for central vacuum, and I finally took the plunge and purchased a Kenmore system.  Installed it today but can claim only partial success.

There is poor suction coming from most of the inlet valves.  The suction from the inlet valve in the garage, right next to the central vac, gets great suction.  After that, suction drops dramatically at the other inlet valves throughout the house.  My home is 4600 sq. ft., and this model indicates it can accommodate homes up to 7500 sq. ft., one of the reasons I decided on this model.  So I'm pretty sure there's enough horsepower in the machine to do the job.

I currently only have all the pipe and fittings simply put together.  That is to say, I have not used any PVC cement to bond the fittings and pipes yet.  (I wanted to make sure all my measurements were accurate before I used cement to "finalize" things).  Could this be the cause of the problem?

Also, I've read elsewhere on the net that a closed system should have little to no air coming out of the exhaust.  I've run a closed-system test and there are still huge amounts of air coming out of the exhaust.  I'm concerned there's a possible significant piping breach somewhere inside the walls.  Your thoughts?

I don't think it's a blockage, since the piping termini were covered by solid wall plates, and only opened up today to install the actual inlet valves.

I would welcome any advice you could provide on this matter.  My thanks in advance.



Hello to you, Colin. And thank you for your question. I could wax on with assumptions and appear wise, although wasteful of your time. Or I could do the smarter thing and direct you to the troubleshooting page of MDManufacturing, at I believe you will find many more answers there.
Have a great day!

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