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Gigi wrote at 2007-06-02 03:42:11
The Patriot Home Defense System (vacuum) has a very unique filter called the Medik Aire that is attached to the exhaust of the unit. The Medik Aire is a military certified Hi Alpha air filtration system that only few other air filtration systems have obtained. only after passing the Military DOP Fee Standard 282 test can a system obtain this certification. The Medik Aire on the Patriot is used by the US

Army to clean Patriot and Hawk missle systems, USPS to clean Anthrax,Livermore Labs and hospitals. People can trust their lives to the exhaust of the Patriot.I'm sorry Jay feels it's a sales trick or gimmick. Research it yourself under Schoettler Research and Engineering both cleaning systems and air purification. Thank you for this opportunity to educate your inquiring public.  

D. Wood wrote at 2008-05-22 04:10:35
I had a demo of this product just last night. It came with a small round filter that fit onto the front (where the vacuum hose attaches) and another larger one that fit onto the back (where the exaust is), which gave the machine the appearance of a sort of robotic dog. Interesting note on the vacuum sold as an "Air Cleaner" gimmick. The young lady appeared at our door in a set of blue hospital scrubs, and announced that she was "Kathy" from the "Allergy Center," here to show us a wonderful air cleaner that would make the air in our house 250 time cleaner. She never mentioned what allergy center she was from, and being new at the job, later admitted that she was told to wear the scrubs to lend more credibility to the "air cleaner" angle.

Crosby Girl wrote at 2009-05-21 05:13:14
I bought one, too ... from a great guy who turned out to be mostly a great salesman.    I think a vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner, for the most part and air cleaner or DEEP cleaning ... mean pretty much nothing as far as they go.   Just a way to try to justify an extreme price.

AJS wrote at 2010-02-09 05:26:16
We also just had a salesperson visit us from The Allergy Center. Same story: guy in blue scrubs starts off talking about it as an air purifier than goes on to show what a great vacuum it is. Then tells us it's $4000 retail! YIKES! But he'll drop the price if we trade in stuff: computers, TVs, even our dining room table we want to sell. But, we must buy TODAY. He gives us a Travel Certificate too. All high pressure sales. If it's really that good, you don't need all that. Our later research found bad things to say about "The Allergy Center" and the travel certificate. Glad we said "no".  

Karen Andersen wrote at 2010-05-18 21:00:18
I had just came home from hospital the day before promotion salesman arrived, offering me a Gain 96 load detergent product for what I was told was free if I let him give a "1/2 hour" presentation.  He was there almost 2 hours; and in my medically-induced after-effect state from hospital stay, I agreed to the reduced price of $2,000 - he asked for $1200 cash and a postdated check for $800 made payable to "HJJ. Inc." - supposedly family-related initials of owner in Utah.  I was inept and vulnerable from 2-day hospital stay, yet agreed to proposal.  I anticipated high medical expenses, so the next day, I texted him that I wanted to cancel and please return my cash and postdated check.  He kept saying/texting he would call all weekend but did not respond; was busy with family, he said the following Monday (yesterday).  Finally, after 5 pm Monday, he acknowledged my telephone/text requests to cancel but said I should send letter to Advanced Air Care in Nampa, ID, with yellow copy of form to confirm.  I had only 3 business days to do so = today, 5/18/10.  Meanwhile, I called Advanced Air Care # requesting their fax; the recording said "promotions" & I left msg. that has not been returned.  I looked up Advanced AirCare in Nampa, ID by google search/yellow pages, and they are not listed.  The sales rep. said they belong to BBB, so why aren't they listed?  The sales rep. offered to drop off my postdated check on by my door if I wasn't home, but I explicitly requested he mail it from postal annex near me before 8 pm.  I called BBB in Boise, ID, who suggested I notify police; I called BBB in Utah who gaveme name of owner and phone no. in case I want to file complaint.  Two complaints against "TriState AirCare LLC" were made, one for billing and one for customer service, and both resolved.  They have an A-1 rating in Utah.  They have less than zero rating in my mind.  I feel I was somewhat pressured by sales rep., but now am prepared to contact authorities & BBB if not resolved by Friday, 5/21/10.

Lisa wrote at 2010-06-06 02:56:07
We were visited today by a very nice young man in blue hospital scrubs.  His presentation took about 2 1/2 hours.  He was very smooth and we were impressed with the product, however we're not looking to buy such an expensive product!  We had never heard about the product until today.  The person we spoke to on the phone said we won a gift certificate for 3 day/2 night free hotel rooms at selected destinations, but first we would need to set-up an appointment to complete a survey so we could get the "free" travel certificate.  Wow!  They were slick!!! The survey was conducted on a legal notepad, nothing official about it! We need a good vacuum, but still shell shocked over the price tag ($4,000.00). They also offered to trade in our old vacuum, husband's golf clubs, anything that we could use to deduct from the price to entice us to buy.  They discussed three payment plans too.  I haven't felt so much pressure during a sales presentation since a time share one in Vegas!  The vacuum/vortex had a lot of power and was very impressive, however, certain aspects of the whole experience seemed shady!

Rod wrote at 2010-08-09 03:49:39
I too was visited by a young gentleman in blue hospital scrubs. His 1/2 hour "survey" took 2 hours.  Smooth talker, good salesman.  Seems like a great product but for $4,000.00, then dropped to $2,900.00.  Is he nuts?  Oh, by the way, he didn't have the travel certificate with him.  He said he must have run out and he would mail it to us.  Not holding my breath for the certificate.  Oh well, he was entertaining!

Ken wrote at 2010-11-18 00:45:31
A middle aged guy with blue srubbs showed up at our door, I knew all about what he was trying to do. Great information and good presentation. I was taken back by his fancy but cheap shoes that he wore. He hid his tattos very well too. When it came to the pressure point, I simple told him that his product in my professional opinion was over priced by 85%. Coming for ma machinist background i estimated the cost of their machine with profit and overhead to be $300. I told him I expected him to ask for $2000 though. His asking rice $4000. Like most have experienced. He know he was in a corner so like most car sales tackticts he phoned his supior and asked if he could lower the cost. They agreed to 2100 with trad in of our old vacuum and an agreement not to tell anyone. He departed with his vacuum and no sale. Our trips? Im not holding my breath. I bought one of the vacuums on E-bay used for $250 and it works great.

Ralph wrote at 2011-05-14 04:24:33
Jerolyn, I purchased several patriots for my family members, and it is very easy to use as an air purifier.  Just disconnect the hose from the intake, and LET IT RUN.   You let it run in each room for five to ten minutes, for example.   

 I asked for and received a copy of the independent lab's certification for the micron filtration, which is down to .o3.  Honeywell purifiers are the only other residential machine certified for this filtration.   the "expert" vacuum dude here is a self-proclaimed expert, and obviously not very bright.  

Mountain Grandma wrote at 2011-05-15 15:34:31
I had the same experience as many before me.  "You only have to answer 10 survey questions on the Patriot.  1.5 hours later our salesman never got to a survey.  We had told them over the phone that we weren't interested in their free hotel room (we're old enough to know that you don't get something for nothing) and that we were not in a position to buy anything.  We told them this on 3 occasions while they were trying to set up an appointment time.

Our salesman left and came back asking if he could use our phone because we live in the mountains he could not get cell service nearby.  When he used our phone he made himself comfortable in the living room again and asked "his supervisor if they could lower the price and make payments".  My husband told the guy not to even bother.  I think it scared him that my husband had his taser out (which we used to scare a rogue dog off our property).  So the guy left without a sale.  Talk about HIGH PRESSURE sales!  

My husband and I have a pact telephone surveys.  We'll just be rude and hang up.

lil gem wrote at 2011-06-25 19:35:34
it is not that hard to use the patriot vacuum as a air cleaner if you have the large hepa air filter that goes to the back of the vacuum cleaner if not call the 800 number on the warranty card if you have one the patriot company is locate in hunting beach ca.You attack it on the vacuum take  the hose off and turn the vacuum cleaner on if it is a large room you my want to let the vacuum run for about 2 hours to clean the whole room.if you have any more questions about the patriot i use to sale them.I will be glad to help you out and no this is not a trick or gimmick it dose work as a room air filter  

Merced family wrote at 2011-08-10 04:06:58
We had a man in blue scrubs come by an hour late, and stay for an hour and a half.  nice guy, neat demo of the vacuum, but 4000?  Give me a break.  After all the importance of the gift certificate, the sales guy had "the wrong one" and he'd "mail it to us".  We'll see.

Hanford couple wrote at 2011-08-24 16:53:22
Our 10-minute home survey which ultimately ended at 2 hours following the demo and offer to buy the air filter/vacuum for $4500 is the same as the previous writers. We were offered a price reduction if we completed a "medical grant". Ridiculous! Appears to be a good product, but way overpriced!

Newman wrote at 2012-01-29 01:54:17
Reported them to BBB, They are not affiliated with BBB. The certificate is a fake. If they call you please report!$3,200.00 If I purchase today other wise $4,200.00. They are a fraud. I hope they get caught!

Robert wrote at 2012-04-05 12:35:11
As a scientist at Los Alamas National Labratory,I will tell you point blank I would never use anything BUT a Patriot in my home! So what if it was 2500.00.That is a small price to pay for the INVESTMENT of my home which the machine protects in many ways.You just cant be so cheap all th time and try to "get by" with a "throwaway" vacuum you may have for three years then go buy another piece of crap,then another.And to even turn on another vacuum inside my home after what the rep showed me what was blowing out of it a person would have to be retarted  

marlene in conneticut wrote at 2012-04-05 12:40:07
Get caught helping people maybe.these people have been around for 23 years i checked them out they are legit.i guesss noone can satisfy everyone ay

abnelson wrote at 2012-08-29 19:10:38
We just bought the Patriot vacuum last night. (The young man was NOT in scrubs.) Yes, very expensive.  Yes, it was lowered to about $2,000 with trade in of our Kirby. (But was similar price to our Kirby new.) Seems to be a GREAT machine.  I was amazed the amount of sand and dirt that my Kirby (with new bag) didn't pick up. I'm older and my Kirby was just too heavy so I like going back to a 2-piece type vacuum. He made payments manageable so we are satisfied so far.

Arlene wrote at 2012-09-20 10:49:00
I have had TWO Patriot "Air Cleaner" demos in my home.  I was blown away by the suction power!!  I have 4 indoor cats and have been using a Hoover canister vacuum for about 4 years.  I have also had 2 Rainbow vacuums and a Kirby.  I had just vacuumed the day before the "demo."  The amount of cat hair the Patriot sucked up was unbelievable!!  The salesman was asking $3,495.00, which was crazy.  I looked on eBay and purchased one for $450.00.  I LOVE it!!  The suction on it can't be beat!!  Also, I have arthritis in my hands and back and the Patriot is "user friendly":  lightweight and easy to maneuver.  I did a "demo" of my new vacuum for a friend.  She was so impressed that I ordered one for her on eBay, too!!  She loves hers as well.  I would highly recommend for people who really "don't like to vacuum" (like my friend) and for people with allergies.

Arlene in Visalia, CA

Cheryl Zortman wrote at 2013-09-12 01:40:41
Way way over rated, I bought 3 for myself and my kids. Both of my kids have kids with allergies. I thought this would be worth it.  I would love to get all of my money back.  I vacuumed with my Dyson after the Patriot, and still picked stuff up. It started out over $3,000 per machine.  All I wanted was something easier to vacuum my stairs with.  Not any easier at all.  Mr Salesman I would appreciate you coming any picking all 3 up. I can buy on ebay for $600 more of what they should be worth.  I got swindled.

SrRetiredVet wrote at 2013-11-09 19:57:12
Bulky and hard to maneuver, not made for elderly, overpriced  product, deceitful business practice. Will lie to get you through the door, will inflate and deflate prices to achieve sales. As close to a used car salesman as they come.

Michael J De Angelo wrote at 2016-03-13 04:38:12
I will tell you this I have been selling vacuum cleaners for 28 years and recently started to sell the Patriot vacuum cleaner I have sold probably 50 in the last 3 months and every concerned homeowner I sold is absolutely thrilled...  it is truly a refreshing, healthy, durable ,wonderful, vacuum cleaner...  and at least you're not giving to China Japan and Indonesia for the junk off the shelves at the throwaway disposable stores and we all know who I'm talking about..

Michael J De Angelo wrote at 2016-03-13 04:38:23
I will tell you this I have been selling vacuum cleaners for 28 years and recently started to sell the Patriot vacuum cleaner I have sold probably 50 in the last 3 months and every concerned homeowner I sold is absolutely thrilled...  it is truly a refreshing, healthy, durable ,wonderful, vacuum cleaner...  and at least you're not giving to China Japan and Indonesia for the junk off the shelves at the throwaway disposable stores and we all know who I'm talking about..

Carl Anderson wrote at 2016-06-15 21:24:23
I worked for an employer out of Clovis, Ca in which we were trained on how to sell these vacuums. It is all gimmicks and high pressure sales tactics. The Patriot is a good vacuum which comes a dime a dozen, and air filter is an added gimmick which is worthless. The vacuum is worth a few hundred dollars at most.  I sold almost 15 of these so called systems and feel terrible for it. Several of my customers wanted to return the product but I was told to not respond, and that if it was returned I would loose sales commission.  This company essential preys on older, ever- trusting people.  Someone should really look into the criminal wrong doings of the company I formally worked for, formally Air Care Medical, they have changed their name several times. Either way this company needs to be stopped.

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