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Hello, and first thank you for your time.I am a 57 year old male,
I recently had RF closure on my left great and small saphenous veins. I have HSAN1 which is a severe neuropathic heredity condition which I told the Radiologist interventionalist who did the closure before all began. During the procedure while at around the knee ,I felt severe burning in and around my ankle area I imediatly told him and he added some more pillow as they call it. The burning began again with more added pillow.After finished I told him the pain was in my ankle foot area in which he told me he thought I was talking about the upper leg. I said no and told him I was having severe pain in the ankle but to my touch the entire calf front was completly dead, and I mean completly. Having neuropathy in this area I was quite aware of what it all felt like as I had been to Mayo clinic for my diagnosis and see my neurologist every year. He explained he could have tickled the nerve and it should return. I told him good and went home. It has now been well  over a month and I have had ultra sounds again in which the closure is sound he came and sat in on the exam I told him it was bizarre that I could touch my leg at the top and feel a shooting pain all the way down the collapsed vein. My skin in this entire area had been absorbing water where the edema was severe my GP Doctor said there was about 10 to 15 lb`s of water. You can push your finger in and it`s like memory foam the impression stays there for a very long time. I have been wearing compression socks all along but still there is no signs of this healing. My Neurologist said he feels the nerve was fryed during the procedure. He thinks the pain will go away but the lack of feeling will not return. My right leg is worse than my left for chronic insufficeincy at 5200 below and 5000 above roughly milliseconds. I have cancelled the surgery. Have you ever seen this happen while having the procedure that the burning is so severe and then the outcome of nerve damage? I am vexed over this whole outcome. I had trouble before all this with walking and now I have gone from bad to worse . I have dealt with the neuropathy for 10 plus years. I am an professional in the precision optics feild 40 years, making medical lenses and other military. I work continual and have never had to be on leave for these issues. I am at a crossroads I believe. I will work until I can`t get out to do it any more. What to do?
         My Regards,

so sorry it took so long to answer.
i have not seen anything this severe happen but it is certainly a risk, and especially when the procedure was first being done in 2002, there were problems with nerve injury. this is where the tumescent anesthesia (pillow) came in.
i am certainly not a neurology expert but i know that a handful of patients have had a nerve injury, and in all but one it did resolve in that one, there is residual foot drop and to my knowledge, it did not resolve. i know from other nerve injury that it takes a very long time for nerves to come back to normal, if ever. i know that massage, with your own hands can stimulate and make the process somewhat faster and better- by using your own hands, there is a connection made between the nerves in your hands and the nerves in your leg to the brain and in some miraculous way this can help- but i dont know about your neuropathic heredity condition and recent complications, i am sure you know that there are tests that the neurologist can do to see what the nerves are doing, but i am not sure taht is going to give you much more info than you already know.
i fear i cant offer much in this complicated question, sorry
as far as the edema, i have never seen anything remotely like that as a result of vein closure but i would suggest you ask for a referral to a lymphedema specialist for treatment and wraps above and beyond the stockings to see if that approach would help eliminate the edema.
hope this helps, lauri

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